Skagway Day Tours

We take care of everything! Packer Expeditions’ tours provide all the necessary hiking supplies such as waterproof-breathable rain gear, trekking poles, lumbar packs, water, nuts and candy bars. At the end of our hiking tours, we’ll have a cold drink waiting for you.  Our all day tours include a full lunch consisting of various sandwich options and fresh vegetables.

Please bring your passport. All Packer Expeditions tours use transportation that routinely crosses the U.S./Canada border. All passengers will be checked for a valid passport whether or not their tour actually crosses the border.

How do I book a tour? To ensure your spot is reserved, cruise ship passengers are advised to book the tour through their Cruise Line as far in advance as possible.  But not all cruise lines offer all of our tours, so there are circumstances where you would need to book directly with us.  If you have trouble booking our excursions or are arriving in Skagway means other than cruise ship, please contact us at or phone 907-983-3005 as far in advance as possible.   We can serve you more efficiently if you provide us with the name of your ship, the number of people in your party, the exact date you will be in Skagway, and the name of the tour or tours that interest you most.

Packer Expeditions Skagway Alaska
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