Guided and Catered Package Details

Chilkoot Package with Home-Cooked Backcountry-Catered Meals

This description pertains to the fully catered 5 day/4 night itinerary we recommend.  We can customize the service to your desires, but this package has consistently resulted in satisfied hikers.  Don’t forget to read the “Important Logistical Considerations” before making trail or travel reservations. Call us if anything is unclear.

  • Guide service. 1 guide for up to 6 hikers, 2 guides for 7-10 hikers.
  • Trail permit fees paid by Packer.
  • Train ticket paid by Packer.
  • Transportation to trailhead.
  • Transportation from train.
  • Pack and gear check prior to hike.
  • All cooking and eating supplies provided.
  • Group gear including bear spray, food storage materials, toilet paper, sun block, bug repellent, water treatment, and first aid kits provided.
  • Food service includes wide variety of snacks provided.  Hikers make a snack bag from provided snacks prior to the hike and carry the snack bag while hiking.
    • Breakfast includes hot water with coffee (good coffee with French press mug provided), tea, hot chocolate, oatmeal, bagels and cream cheese.  Let us know what you like (e.g. tell us if you aren’t a coffee drinker).
    • Lunch food consists of bagels, cheeses, meats, smoked salmon and condiments.
    • Dinners will be home cooked meals vacuum sealed, frozen and hiked into camps.  Examples include Mediterranean pasta, halibut chowder, steak tacos, Thai curry, and seafood jumbalaya.  Wine or margaritas can be provided with some meals if desired.
    • We can work with you on what the meals will be, and can possibly make some changes or accommodate special requests.  Advance notice is greatly appreciated.  Meat is typically added after main preparation, so vegetarians are easily accommodated.
  • Depending on the size of the group, the guide may carry the first night’s dinner to Canyon City (Day 1).  There will be a food drops at Sheep Camp (Day 2), Happy Camp (Day 3), and at Bare Loon (Day 4).
  • Shepa support includes Sheep Camp food drop sherpa ascending the pass with you on summit day, providing as much assistance as he can to whoever is most in need (e.g taking some of your loads such as tents). This sherpa will turn back and leave the group after you have climbed the pass. He is also available to hike out to Dyea if anyone can’t make it. Also on summit day, the Happy Camp food drop sherpa will hike toward the pass from the other direction, meeting you somewhere near the pass, or possibly even coming down toward Sheep Camp and also providing support by taking some of loads. Depending on the size of the group, there may be more than one sherpa coming from this direction. Sherpas may be able break from group and arrive at camp and set up tents for you while you finish hiking from summit to Happy Camp.
  • We will send a cooler with food and drinks to meet you on the train at either Bennett or Fraser.  It has been more difficult to send items on the train with increased Customs presence and enforcement in recent years.
  • Alternatively, in addition to the cooler, there is a meal available from White Pass at Bennett.  It is beef stew, bread and pie.  This is not included in our pricing, and I think it costs $15 in advance, or $20 at the door.
  • Guide carries food (other than your snacks), group gear (as defined above), and cooking supplies.
  • You carry personal items, water bottle, clothing, rain gear, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, and tent.  It is not unreasonable to keep your pack at somewhere in the area of 25-30 lbs.  Some have gotten closer to 20.
  • Equipment not included but available for rent: backpack, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, tent, rain gear, trekking pole(s).

Custom Options:
Contact us to inquire about custom options.
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Trip enters Canada. Guests much have a valid passport to clear U.S. and Canadian Immigrations. Canada requires Visas from citizens of some countries, list can be provided.

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