Reference Letter 2 (Liz and Reig)

I promised to send a note of recommendation and here it is.  Do what you want with it!

I strongly recommend Packer Expeditions.  Why?  Cory (Hightower) our guide and the whole crew made our first backpacking trip so memorable we may just have to do it again.  Packer Expeditions, The Mountain Shop and Cory made sure we had all the right equipment and that it fit well.

The freshly prepared food was great and we were spoiled with the amount of hot drinks and meals.  The Halibut Chowder was the best in my opinion but all the meals were delicious. Shrimp and Sausage Jambalaya can you believe it?  We always had lots of fresh filtered water and we were encouraged to drink.

Entertainer, Historian, Naturalist, Master at what he does, Cory was always helpful with a kind word and encouragement for us and everyone on the Trail.  The best of the trip however was the fact my husband enjoyed himself and that was an unpredictable gift. By the end of the Chilkoot Trail he was telling everyone we met, “If you plan to hike the Chilkoot in style call Packer Expeditions.”

Thanks to all at the Mountain Shop, Tim, Wade, Cory, Joshua, Kip, everyone who made our trip so great.  Thanks for the great weather, too.

Sincerely Elizabeth and Reig

Packer Expeditions Skagway Alaska
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